Saturday, October 20, 2007

Peter Frampton Concert Verizon Theater in Houston

We saw Peter Frampton's concert last night (Oct 19, 2007) in Houston at Verizon Theater. His performance is amazing but is stage manager needs to have his head examined. We were only able to enjoy the first 20 minutes of his show, then the mobs of people crowded the stage. There were a number of fist fights that nearly broke out because of people stepping on each other and fighting for position. If you were on the floor, you had to stand the rest of the show to see anything. I have no objection the mosh pit formation but you should sell general admission tickets instead of allowing people to block the view of those who paid top dollar for great seats. More importantly, it was a safety hazard as tempers ran high. My fiancĂ©e had beer spilled on her when two other guys began arguing over floor position and had her feet stepped on numerous times. That crowed scene mixed with lots of alcohol was rather volatile. The mad house was even more surprising in this day and age of liability concern. If something had happened, Frampton’s band would have been pretty exposed. I’d pass on this if you expect to be able to sit and watch in a civilized manner.